song name = Violins Du Jour
artist name = String Quartet
release date = January 1992
genre = classical
album name = Ferrington Guitars CD Sampler

This piece is made up of an audio recording of a short violin piece. It is not very long and is included on a CD of recordings by famous musicians playing Danny Ferrington's custom guitars. It came with a coffee table book showing the instruments that were recorded. I got the book at a Richard Thompson concert in 1992 and have since lost the book. Unfortunately, I have no more information to share about the performers. My best guess is that Danny Ferrington performed on 3 tracks playing 3 different violins he made and on 1 track playing a cello he made. This is the only track featuring anything other than electric or acoustic guitars. Anyway, I imagined this would be fun to work with and easily translate to an electronic rendition. listen to mp3


#. voice (source) time of introduction - description

1. sustain (2 violins) 0.00 - high, active, bright, long, robust
2. low stretch solo (cello) 0.05 - low, active, long, robust, ponderous
3. hi stretch solo (violin) 0.12 - bright, active, long, robust, ponderous
4. stretch harmony (3 violins) 0.23 - long, active, robust
5. chop harmony (3 violins) 0.32 - short, active, agile, robust
6. rubber solo (cello) 0.35 - active, low
7. pepper (2 violins) 0.38 - short, bright
8. ladder solo (violin) 0.40 - high, short, active, agile, revolutionary
9. rubber harmony (3 violins) 0.43 - active, low

(many of these voices repeat later in the track)