courtley dennis Here We Go bassnectar


Here We Go

released March 30, 2010

Dubstep, Electronica


The reason i chose this song is it has so many unique sound that i think would be a little difficult for me to categorize.i find dubstep to be a genre that is perfect to analyze for this class.. a lot of the sounds in the song i chose are a callage of oscillators with lfo's on the amplitude.. dub-step is described by its 'Wobble' bass

i cant figure out how to upload songs to this so i will grab the track from you tube.. my analysis begins at 1:27and ends at 2:11

1:27 the harmonic sounds come in.. it is mid range but it is also coupled with the bass,active,bright,robust, long, revolutionary and agile it has a fast attack that is triggered by a gate on the drum but it slowly revolves but befor it can finish revolving it is cut by the gate and started over it is well textured it seems to be composed of many other oscillators playing at once

1:27vocals shouting here we go . the vocals are used as one off sounds that repeat through the song.

1:27 drums, heavy
1:28 snares bright

1:35 high pitched siren going off in the background to ad texture to the song.. we can find a siren sound,subtract the low frequencies and speed it up.

1:48 frequency modulated machinery texture and a one off sound. record a pnuematic or hydraulic pump . pitch shift it upwards and stretch i.After it is stretched the back end of the song can be slowed a little and can have a re-verb effect attached to it

1:39-148 a gated sound comes on . it sounds similar to the main harmonic sound in fact it is coupled with it so it is a harmonic is active,slightly dull short and choppy,delicate. it is revolutionary.. it starts low and gets high then gets low again,agile, it adds texture to the lead harmonic the gate can be controlled by a n oscillator so it open at specific times thye sound can actually be white noise

1:49 the melody comes in it is high pitched,active,relatively bright,lean short,agile and flat. slightly dull. it is a sign wave with a secons sign wave slightly slower acting on it.

the bass in dubstep is usually a lfo attached to the main melodic or harmonic instrument