The Sign By Ace Of Base

Song Name: The Sign
Artist: Ace of Base Written by Jonas Berggren
Date of release: February 21, 1994
Genre: dance-pop
Song Information:[[[]]S]
Music Video:
The reason I choose this song because It's a pretty well known song back to the 90's, and I really like the intro of this song. It's really remarkable and somehow the song can stcuk in your head for a while, the rhythm, melody and etc. overall it's really a great song.

00:03: Drum, Percussion start (non-pitched)
00:14 Bright piano play as chords (Harmonic, Agile) Bass come in (melodic, Ponderous, pads) whistle sound (melodic, ponderous, pads )
00:22 Women singing (short, rich, one shot)
00:35 Vocal come in as verse (Melodic, Happy, rich)
00:55 Chrous come in(Melodic, lead)