Pretty Lights- Time (Pink Floyd Remix)

Song: Time (Pink Floyd Remix)
Artist: Pretty Lights
Released: Feb. 2nd 2011

The reason I selected this piece is because it has an enormous range of different sounds and samples
Although this song is not on any particular album, the entire collection of which it is from can be downloaded for free at the Pretty Lights websitePretty Lights Music

Here is the Youtube link for the song that I have chosen Time (Pink Floyd Remix)

0:00- This piece starts off with a collection of non-pitch sounds and one shots that happen in a random sporadic manner. This lasts until about 16 seconds where we can hear a bass drums slowly start to build up.

0:16- The bells, and what sounds like the chiming of a grandfather clock, start to sync up with the drums at it builds toward the end of the introduction.

0:27- Here we have a crunchy robust bass, that slowly evolves with a higher pad and some melodic bells. This establishes the overall melody for the song.

This is repeated a few times as it builds and becomes more prominent.

0:55- Here the verse begins with the same crunchy bass and the higher bells, only this time they are both very short in duration, bouncing from chord to chord in an agile manner. These two elements are syncopated with small one shots and some type of filtered organ on the upbeat as the lyrics begin.

1:21- A peculiar whizzing sound quickly bounces back and fourth between the left and right ears before building up to the pre chorus.

1:22- A delicate high pad can be heard over the lyrics bass and other instruments until the prechorus comes to an end.