Similar Synth Sounds

This page will discuss sounds heard in my electronic song choice analysis. In order to recreate these sounds I have found 2 useful ensembles. They are both found packaged with the Reaktor 5 library. To find them choose to "open ensemble", then follow these directories: Reaktor 5 - Library - Ensembles - Classics - Synthesizer. In this directory you will find both "Steam Pipe" and "Junatik".

The descriptions below are guides to create rough simulations of the sounds in question. The song discussed is Aphex Twin's "Acrid Avid Jam Shred" as noted here - electronic

voice #8 verb chop chords @ 0.59 - load "steam pipe" ensemble, choose harmonix snapshot, lower attack, increase noise

voice #9 ghost solo @ 1.15 - load "junatik" ensemble, choose PWM strings snapshot, attack at highest setting, release at 60%, VCF cutoff at 55%, LFO rate 52%, stereo delay 3-4/16 decay bright

voice #10 Throat melody @ 1.40 - load "steam pipe" ensemble, choose "the pipe" snapshot, de-tune to lower register

voice #14 whistle solo @ 3.46 - load "junatik" ensemble, choose voice snapshot, noise gain to 25%, pulse to lowest setting, LFO rate to 85%, VCF to highest setting, VCF cutoff at 48%, stereo delay to 1-2/16T decay soft