Single Ladies Beyonce

Single Ladies
October 12th 2008
R&B, Dance-Pop
I Am…Sasha Fierce
I selected this song because I was very interested it was very catchy first of all. Secondly and more pertaining to this class the Synth sounds were Amazing. They are not the typical lead dance-floor synths they more serve as background and textural synths used to add some spice to the listeners ear. A few guitar synth emulations atleast thats what it sounds like to me where also interesting but most importantly I really appreciate how all of the sounds FX and tone of the beat complimented the the tone of beyonces vocals and it did not seem over-done or over-processed. Everything was just right.

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Song Analysis:

Beyonce Vocals
Kick Drum
Synth Sounds Like Sine Wave The sounds is pretty short not so bright it's being played pretty delicately and its more on the lower side of the frequency spectrum. but not to dull somewhere in the middle Playing a simple pattern
Over Processed Vocal Sound Like Someones Saying "Hey" In The Background
Percussive Groove Introduced
Synth Swirl Transition Like Effect Sounds short and passive
Guitar Emulation Synth Sounds revolutionary pretty high and robust.
Sounds Also Like the "Hey" Vocal has also been pitched maybe an octave higher
Strong Synth Hoover Sounding Lead Playing Very robust in your face Rich and bright but not drastically bright.
Synth Hoover Being Doubled by higher Synth String Sounding Instrument
Synth Swirly Transition Like Effect
Back To Verse One Groove Hoover & Pitched "Hey" Sound Removed
Synth Swirl Effect
Guitar Emulation Synth
Pitched Up "Hey" Introduced Again
Hoover Lead & Low Sine Wavish Effect
Chorus Repeats With Re-introduction to Elements such as Hoover Synth that were present in earlier chorus
Song goes into a bridge
Hoover Synth Remains Prominent in song playing its pattern
Tremolo Sounding Synth Plays as transition sounds high rich bright.
Sounds like reverse kick drum is now added as a new element as the chorus repeats again
Guitar Emulation Added Again
All Elements and FX combined for dramatic outro