Skrillex- Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites

Song: Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites
Artist: Skrillex
Album: Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites
Released: Oct. 25th 2010 (on Mou5trap Records)

I selected this piece of music because it accurately portrays my personal preference in the world of EDM (Electronic Dance Music)
More of skrillex's music can be found on his myspace page SKRILLEX

Here is a youtube link with the song I have chosen Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites

0:00- The song starts with a percussive shaker and two separate melodic pads. The higher pad in this case is more active then the lower, reaching a more dynamic set of notes, and both can be considered evolutionary between the start and 13 seconds.

0:13- Here we have the bass drum kick in, along with bass to create a sort of climactic shift from the intro into the first verse. The bass here is robust and rich sounding as it corresponds with the original two melodic pads.

This is repeated two more times until we have a break in the drums at 0:27

0:27- Here the drums disappear for a few measures to allow space for a vocal sample that is used as more of a rhythmic melody then actual words. This sample could be considered delicate and ponderous in some sense, but also agile in the way that it has many fast paced consecutive breaks followed by a sustained note.

0:39- all sounds stop as we hear a vocal sample of a woman screaming something similar to "OH MY GOD!"

0:41- Here we have the classic "wobble" bass that categorizes this piece of music into the "Dubstep" genre. This overwhelmingly deep and robust bass dramatically changes the mood of the song with its rapidly changing pitch and filters. This can definitely be considered HIGHLY evolutionary at rapid pace.